Ortho Care

Cleaning your teeth daily is important. Especially when you have braces, it is very important to clean your mouth thoroughly after each meal. As you take good care of your braces, you may encounter some problems or accidents such as loose bracket or wires. Here are some orthodontic terms that you can use to describe any problems or situation you have.


1- band a metal ring that is glued onto the tooth, anchoring the brackets and archwires in place

2- bracket a small square attachment bonded to the tooth or welded to a band, acting like handles to hold the archwires in place

3- bonded bracket an attachment bonded directly to the tooth

4- archwire a large (removable) thin wire strip that fits around the arch into the bracket slots, connecting your teeth and guide their movement

5- ligature a fine wire or small rubber ring that ties to the archwires into bracket
elastic ligature(not pictured) a plastic module that ties archwire into bracket

6- hooks where elastics (rubber bands) are used to connect the upper and lower braces, applying pressure to reposition specific teeth

7- springs coil springs that fit between brackets and over arch wire

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