Dr. Proctor

Dr. Proctor

Dr. Daryl Proctor

Dr. Daryl Proctor is a native of California, grew up in Sonora. At his young age, he learned about orthodontics through his uncle who is an orthodontist. He dreamed that he would become an orthodontist someday.

Dr. Proctor began his undergrad work at Pacific Union College. Then he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology along with his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Loma Linda University(LLU) in 1994. Upon his graduation, he became an Assistant Clinical Professor at LLU School of Dentistry. He also worked as a general dentist in southern California for five years. Then Dr. Proctor was accepted into the Loma Linda University of Orthodontic Residency and received his Master’s degree in Orthodontics and Dental Facial Orthopedics in 2001.

Since 2001, Dr. Proctor teaches once a month in Orthodontics Residency Program at LLU as an Assistant Professor for 15 years. He enjoyed teaching, making great impacts, and challenging the minds of Orthodontics residents at LLU.

Internationally, Dr. Proctor volunteers to help needy children and adults with their dental needs overseas. He served in many countries including Belize, Bangladesh, Honduras, Thailand, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Africa.

At Foothill Orthodontics, Dr. Proctor is dedicated to serve and to provide the best orthodontic care for his patients in El Dorado county and in Amador county.

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Help creating beautiful smiles is his pride and joy, and Dr. Proctor loves thoroughly in what he does every day – orthodontic care!

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